Best Buy Geek Squad Prices

Our Best Buy Geek Squad Prices differ based on the service you desire, your device type and the number of devices that you have. Our prices range from about $40 to $330 per service monthly. Our price structure is largely based on the tech support that we provide to our service. So, if you own an IT brand, you can engage the services of Best Buy Geek Squad to help you take care of the installation of devices, repair, as well as maintenance all at an affordable price.

Our Best Buy Geek Squad Prices also include remote support for technical related issues as well as a physical examination. Many tech issues can be addressed remotely provided your device is connected to the Internet and can boot up. When any of these two is impossible, then our on-site support provides for physical examination of the device. We are not just the best tech support in the market, we also offer the best prices.

Best Buy Geek Squad Prices Per-Service

S/N Services Price
1. Set-up of Personal Computer/Tablet $99.99
2. Set-up of printer $99.99
3. Tuning up of personal computer $79.99
4. Installation of Operating System $199.99
5. Removal of virus, malware or spyware $199.99
6. Diagnosis and Technical Repair $149.99
7. Firewall Support $299.99
8. Server Administration $399.99
9. Diagnosis and repair of server $399.99
10. VPN Support $499.99

Best Buy Geek Squad Prices – Monthly Plans

Our Best Buy Geek Squad prices come in two plans for a monthly structure – the Standard Plan and the Advanced Plan. The Standard Plan covers all our online support services provided to our customers while the Advanced Plan includes on-site services of physical examination. Many of the services that we offer are carried out remotely which makes the Standard Plan the best for you. The Advanced Plan becomes necessary where a technical problem cannot be addressed remotely.

Both the Standard and the Advanced Plans are available to all our customers and can be accessed all through the clock. Both plans include phone and online support; firewall and VPN support, data and documents back-up and recovery as well as computer and server set up.

Our Geek Squad online service and the Standard Plan is always recommended to our customers because it helps to save a lot of time. Our online tech support provides immediate response to emergency tech issues. The on-site support on the hand requires that a tech agent is designated to you. Processing and accessing on-site services can take as long as 3 – 7 days to get an agent notwithstanding the emergency of the problem.

Standard Plan

  • Monthly Cost – $24.99
  • Initial Set-up Fee – $99.99
  • Hourly On-Site Fee – $118.99 for first 10 hours; $99.99 after the first 10 hours

Advanced Plan

  • Monthly Cost – $49.99
  • Initial Set-up Fee – $99.99
  • Hourly On-Site Fee – Included in the monthly cost

Best Buy Geek Squad Prices – Standard First Year Plan for Office of 10 People

Best Buy Geek Squad offers a standard first-year plan depending on the numerical strength of your office. To give you a clue of what this plan looks like for your office strength, we have calculated the cost for an office of 10 people. Each of these 10 individuals has a device at 10 hours of on-site service delivery.

Breakdown of Standard One-Year Plan

  • Monthly Fees – $3,098.99
  • On-site Support for 10 hours – $1,390.00
  • Total cost – $4,488.99

Choosing Between Per-Service and Plan Pricing

One of the many challenges that customers tend to face is choosing between per-service and plan pricing. Best Buy Geek Squad Prices allows you to either pay for every service delivered on the go or work based on a plan pricing. Several factors should be considered when deciding, but the chief of these factors is the hours of on-site or online help needed. If your office or device requires fewer working hours, then you might want to go for the per-service payment. Where you need several hours of help, it is always best to go for a monthly plan pricing.

To place yourself on the right pedestal, it is always best to start on a per-service basis to determine which works best for you. If after a while of working with the per-service price structure you find it satisfactory, then you can stick to it. Where the per-service structure is not satisfactory, you can then switch to the monthly plan pricing. This gives you a comparative basis to work with to determine which plan is the best for you or your office.

Choosing Between On-Site and Remote Support

Remote support services require less cost because you do not need an agent to show up. However, when you sought on-site support, you will be charged for the IT professional that will be sent to your place of work or home. There are just very few tech challenges or support services that cannot be accessed remotely. So remote support is always the best option when looking to be on the good side of Best Buy Geek Squad Prices.

Do you need an emergency tech support to return your device to a functional state? Then the Best Buy Geek Squad Remote Support is the best pick for you. Can you wait for as long as 4 – 7 days to have a tech agent come over to diagnose and fix the problem? Then you can opt for the Best Buy Geek Squad On-site support service.

Remote Services that Best Buy Geek Squad Prices Covers

Our Best Buy Geek Squad Remote Support covers a wide range of services and they include:

  • Tuning up of personal computers and tablets
  • Scanning for and removal of viruses
  • Software and hardware diagnostic services
  • Installation and troubleshooting of software
  • Internet and data security services.

No doubt, Best Buy Geek Squad Prices has a good ratio to the quality of services that we deliver. Our remote and on-site services are directly proportionate to the price we offer which has made us one of the most trusted tech brands in the world. We offer one of the best price structures to our ever-growing customer base as we maintain quality service delivery. Our goal is to remain the leading tech brand offering amazing services at unbeatable prices.